Mandala Art— An inspiring personal experience

Of all the sketches and art work that I have worked on, the Mandala art that I designed during first semester of my Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) is one of my favorite.

I remember the evening I was drawing this as a part of my college assignment. Love, for me, is giving my best to the work I do. This one was no exception. I was up till late, not because I had to submit it the next day. But because I liked the momentum and I loved it while I was working on it.

What is Mandala art?

Mandala is actually a complex design in circular pattern. It is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle’.

In such patterns, we usually have a recognizable center point or origin. From this center point, rest of the shapes and symbols originate to form a beautiful pattern of art.

Mandalas patterns have the identification, which can carry distinct meaning for the people who look at it. But the creator knows what his/her art means. If you design your own pattern of Mandala, then it will carry your inspiration and your own meaning.

Importance of Mandala

I had an inspiring experience with the Mandala pattern, where I looked inside myself while drawing the circles and shapes, and forming the structure.

With such a design, you can represent your state of mind, as well as heart. Many cultures and religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetans have embraced this art. They call it the representation of the feelings of its creator.

This art has also been used as a source of meditation and therapy to enhance self-awareness and gain peace of mind and heart. It is widely used as a spiritual practice in many cultures.

Material I used for Mandala art

I didn’t need plenty of materials to draw this Mandala. All I used is—paper, pencil, scale, and eraser.

You can also use circular objects or a compass to draw the circular patterns.

Draw your own Mandala

If you are an artist, then it’s time for you to represent your feelings in the form of art. Draw your own Mandala and let it express your passion, your desires, and your view of reality.

Two words:

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